Firemaster Show Design

A professional software for the management of pyromusical shows.

The Firemaster Plus firing system by Parente Fireworks perfectly interfaces with the new software and allows the pyro-designer to create a complete show in just a few simple steps.

Wizard to create pyrotechnic choreographies

Wizard to create pyrotechnic choreographies

Thanks to a quick and intuitive wizard, it is possible to develop choreographies by automatically positioning the fireworks within the firing sites. An easy to use system, allowing to save time during the design phase and to optimize pyrotechnics.

Management of multiple areas and firing sites within a show

Management of multiple areas and firing sites within a show

Thanks to the geolocation and the integration with Google Maps, you can deal with very complex shows, by subdividing the show in a series of firing areas, each of them covering various firing places.

Quick management of pyrotechnics

Quick management of pyrotechnics

Fireworks can be customized: all the necessary information are available on the screen, allowing the pyrotechnician to quickly set firing angles, prefires, pyrotechnic effect duration and dedicated hardware support.

Hardware editor for racks and mortars

Hardware editor for racks and mortars

Firemaster Show Design is fitted with an innovative hardware editor for racks and mortars. Whenever a hardware support is created, you can set the number of “holders”, the max. allowed caliber and the kind of fireworks it can contain.

Multi Monitor

The Firemaster Show Design software allows the management of a series of windows distributing them on several monitors simultaneously, thus ensuring that you always have the windows of interest under control.

Multi Monitor


Features and Functionality

Management of multiple areas and firing sites within a show

For the purpose of a more precise management a show can be subdivided in areas and stations.

Wizard to create choreographies

Functionality that allows you to quickly create pyrotechnic effects on multiple stations; an intuitive interface guides the designer in the creation of choreographies in a few simple steps.

Management of shots

Quick management of shots: all information is available within a single screenshot, such as delays, angles and hardware support on which to install the selected fireworks.

Hardware customization

No limits to installations! The pyro-designer can create all the types of hardware he needs (racks and mortars) by customizing angles and the type of fireworks to be positioned.

Rack management with fixed angles

An intuitive graphical interface allows the positioning of each shot inside the rack holders to achieve the desired pyro-choreografies.

Automatic management of rack angles

Positioning of single shots within single racks and holders is carried out automatically by the software, properly ordering angles and optimizing required resources

Graphic management of racks and mortars

By means of simple diagrams the user can view the hardware structures required for each station and the shots inserted in each holder with the possibility of viewing and printing the entire structure of the show

Firemasters management

With a simple Drag & Drop you assign the firemasters to the individual hardware. The software automatically assigns a terminal to each shot.


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Firemaster Show Design

Firemaster Show Design offers you a series of advantages:

The Firemaster Show Design, offers a lot to its users:

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